Every year, one of the highlights at #SOSUEU is the ‘hacks’ – fresh and smart new ways of finding talent – contributed by speakers and delegates alike.

    This year we are taking our love of hacking further by dedicating one day to sourcing hacks. We are delighted to announce a #hackathon or rather a #sosuhack day on 10 OCTOBER.

    Whether you are a perennial tinkerer who loves playing with tools and technology, or just interested in discussing new ways to find talent you will enjoy #sosuhack.

    It’s one day of harnessing wisdom of the crowd, networking, making new friends and exploring cool news ways of finding talent. The event is only open to #SOSUEU delegates. See below for details.


    Jan Bernhart demonstrate an example of what can and will be be tackled at #sosuhack

    What is #SOSUHACK

    hackathon focused on talent sourcing. We will look at new ways to tinker with technology and try and figure out new techniques to find talent in a group setting.

    Who can attend #SOSUHACK?

    #sosuhack is free for all #sosueu delegates and can be attended by any delegates who have a two days pass to the main conference

    What will be tackled?

    In a nutshell we will look at new ways of finding talent. It’s sourcing at its purest combining on the spot hacking and the wisdom of the crowd.

    What will actually happen?

    Roughly, hacking leaders will be appointed and teams of hackers made up. Each team will tackle (hack) a particular sourcing problem or challenge.

    What’s the end outcome?

    It’s a great way of meeting other delegates in an informal setting. But we will also solve some serious sourcing issues faced by sourcers.

    What’s on offer for companies?

    Companies who sent six or more delegates to #sosueu can submit their sourcing problems/issues for the sourcing community to solve. Get in touch with us for details.

    What will I get out it?

    Remember not being able to network of meet fellow delegates? #SOSUHACK is a great way to meet other delegates in an informal setting, and do something fun and useful.

    Where will it be held?

    #sosuhack will be hosted at meervart theatre. Venue

    When will it be held?

    #sosuhack will be held on Tuesday 27 September. Proceedings will start from 2:00 PM and end around 5:00. Followed by #sosusocial.



    Don’t Miss. Get your ticket now for #SOSUEU to get access to #SOSUHACKDAY