David is a great expert in Talent Acquisition, he is recognized in Europe for his passion and innovation in Recruiting . He knows how to share and improved the skills of people he managed. He ran useful workshops about Sourcing with his team to change mindset about how to recruit in digital era. He had strong results as he really data-driven he can demonstrate to his team all the metrics they overachieve together.

Laurent Cebarec

David Sankar is the Talent Sourcing Lead for Groupe Renault in France. In a former life, he was also a philosophy teacher. With an insatiable thirst for knowledge, David continues to study in various fields while working full-time. He loves helping people grow, and always shares openly the best tips and methods he learned. His mission is to improve sourcing and candidate experience at scale.

He’s now busy building the first sourcing team for Groupe Renault in France. The system he engineers with his team influence more than 1 000 hires per year